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Reverb Wellness
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A small vertically integrated hemp company whose goal is to reshape the hemp industry by creating clean, effective, and affordable hemp products using nothing more than thermodynamics, pressure, and sound. We have decades of experience in hemp cultivation, processing, product formulation, education, and healthcare. Our diverse backgrounds, experience with hemp, and shared vision, form the foundation of everything that we do at Reverb Wellness.
Product Name: Watermelon Rosin Chews
Description: Vegan CBD Gummy
Product Name: Boost Nootropic Capsules
Description: Vegan CBD Capsules
Product Name: Essential Oil "Relieve" Roll-On
Description: CBD Topical Oil
Product Name: Muscle & Joint "Freeze" Gel
Description: CBD Topical Cream
Product Name: Transdermal Rosin Patches
Description: CBD Topical Patches