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Summer Market at Howe Meadow

Howe Meadow

Saturdays, 9am to 12pm

May 6 – October 28, 2023

4040 Riverview Rd, Peninsula, OH, 44264


Join us to support your favorite vendors and meet all the new folks!

We have an amazing line up of local farms, food producers, artists, and makers this season! Over 70 northeast Ohio businesses, live music every week, cooking demos and tastings of what’s in season, and activities for all ages!

Howe Meadow is located in the scenic Cuyahoga Valley National Park at 4040 Riverview Rd and it’s the perfect way to spend a Saturday!

For your convenience, you can preorder and arrive anytime to pick up your order at each of your favorite vendor booths, and never miss out on your seasonal produce. 

Find the weekly vendor map below, and please remember vendor participation can change at anytime.

Market Policies & Things to Know

Please help us ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone:

  • We welcome anyone still wanting to continue wearing a face covering to do so.
  • Multiple hand sanitizer stations will be set up throughout the market for customer use.
  • Stay home if you aren’t feeling well.
  • Dogs are only permitted during Yappy Hour – 11am-12pm. If you want to bring your pup but don’t want to miss out on your favorite items, we suggest placing a preorder.
  • Please pack out your trash or use the cans by the info booth. We’re working to become a zero-waste market.
  • No smoking or vaping in the market area.

Farmers’ Market Dog Policy

Howe Meadow – Dogs are only permitted during Yappy Hour, from 11am to Noon, with the exception of trained service animals. Trained service animals are still expected to abide by the following policies.
Winter Market – With the exception of trained service animals, dogs are not permitted at indoor markets.


Dogs and owners are expected to abide by the following provisions to maintain the welcome of furry friends. Owners are socially, legally and financially responsible and liable for their pet’s behavior at all times.

  • Dogs must be on a 6′ or shorter leash – even pets in bags and carriers. Retractable leashes are not permitted. Please ensure that leashes do not get tangled in tablecloths, displays, or tent legs, and do not become a tripping hazard.
  • Not all dogs are appropriate for the market setting. Large crowds, accessible food, small children and other dogs can challenge your dog’s attention and behavior.
    – If your dog is not comfortable in these conditions, please leave them at home.
    – If your dog has ANY reactive tendencies, please leave them at home.
    – If your dog is prone to barking, please leave them at home.
    – The market is not an appropriate place to train your dog to handle these conditions.
  • Everyone has a right to feel safe and comfortable. Not everyone loves your dog, or dogs in general, as much as you do. Please keep your dog from approaching strangers.
  • You are responsible for your dog’s business. Please prevent them from doing their business in the market area. If your dog does make a mess, you are responsible for cleaning it up.
    – If your dog’s business compromises the product or equipment of a vendor, you are responsible for making financial reparations as the vendor deems appropriate.
    – Please be prepared with pick-up bags; you are responsible for disposal. (Howe Meadow is a Zero Waste event – you are required to pack this out.)
  • Any violations of the above practices, or any instances, that compromise the safety – human or food – of the market, will require you to remove your dog.
  • Please courteously cooperate with Market Staff and Volunteers in addressing any concerns that arise from the presence of your dog.
  • Multiple violations throughout the season will result in a return to a no-dog policy.