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Oak Tree Hydroponics Farms LLC
Vegetable Farm
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(650) 576-2677

Owners Janice and Stephen Brown will, using state-of-the-art hydroponic research and technology systems, maintain our reputation as the producer of the highest quality produce available and provide safe, superior quality, fresh, locally grown produce year-round to consumers in the surrounding area.
We envision controlled environment agriculture as offering significant advantages in the growing of high value. superior-grade specialty produce.
We transform superior-grade food production technologies, concepts and strategies into viable business realities.
We service all clients with respect, honesty, and a commitment to provide the finest produce that exceeds expectations every time.
We are responsible for providing superior-grade produce that delivers complete satisfaction every time to all clients.
We produce and deliver what clients want every time and on schedule.
We perform our work with a passion that reflects merging imagination and technology to help bring nutritious produce to our clients' tables.
We will innovate to sustain
• Year 'round production
• More efficient energy use
• Up to 90% less water than field crops
• Ecologically conscientious and acceptable disease and insect control
• Greater control over plants nutritional requirements during production
• Near-zero environmental impact on soil, water, and air resources
There can be no higher impact than adding value to the social and business stakeholders we serve.